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Financially helping struggling companies succeed?

Whether it’s for expansion, marketing, inventory, repairs or simply cashflow, every business needs working capital. New Day Funds has quickly become one of the leading lenders in the industry, helping thousands of businesses every day obtain the working capital they need to continue growing.

Unlike other lending agencies, our company lends on the future success of your business. We strongly believe that every business has the potential to succeed and as such, we lend on your expected gross revenue. Primarily focusing on your future success, we have been able to help businesses in all genres succeed; even if those businesses have been turned down by other lending agencies.

Credit history is not a primary factor to us. We will provide all available options as quickly as possible for our clients because we understand that time is money. We feel that the faster we provide you with the working capital you need, the faster your business can become more successful. That is why our approval process requires minimal paperwork and same day approvals. There is no cost in inquiring and we approve 90% of all qualifying applicants.

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Simply fill out our short form and a personal funding specialist will contact you to discuss your funding options. There are no application fees and no obligations.

We look forward to establishing a relationship with you and becoming your number once source for working capital. Don’t wait! Get started today.

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